Splashdown: An Interactive Misadventure
Designed and Developed by Paul J. Furio

Spider Image Splashdown is a work of Interactive Fiction, and was my entry into the 2004 Interactive Fiction Competition. It was also my first completed work of Interactive Fiction ever, and thus was a little rough around the edges. However, it placed 8th out of 36 entries, so I'm reasonably proud of this game.

Splashdown takes place on an interstellar colonization ship that has accidentally splashed down into the ocean of a distant world. The ships computer has woken the player, a lone colonist, and charged you with saving the other 499 pioneers onboard. With the assistance of a spunky maintenance robot named Spider, it's up to the player to fix the failing and damaged ships systems and bring the colonists safely to the surface!

Splashdown was written to conform to the Infocom Z-Machine standard, a platform independent format that allows the game to be played on almost every computer in existence, using the proper freely available interpreter.

This ZIP archive contains the game, the PDF documentation, a walkthrough for a winning solution to the game, and a brief readme file.
Currently, only the IFComp version release of Splashdown is available for download:

Updates and bug fixes will be applied shortly.


Spoilers and Extras

The Original Map - This diagram was used in the development of Splashdown. Obviously, some things have changed in the final game, notably the placement of certain items.

A Post Mortem - A common practice in the professional game development community is to go back to a game after it has been released and reviews have been published, and review the successes and failures of a particular title. In the spirit of Game Developer Magazine, I present my own Post Mortem of Splashdown.